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How Does It Impact Your Weight Loss Program?

The role of Calcium in the body:

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In fact, we're talking about multiple roles, affecting just about every body function. Here's a summary list:

  • Building and maintaining bone mass
  • Regulating heart function
  • Regulating bowel function and preventing constipation
  • Ensuring the transmission of nervous impulses in the nervous system
  • Ensuring adequate blood clotting
  • Enabling adequate enzyme function in multiple metabolic processes (including the metabolism of fat).

The role of Calcium in weight control:

Burning off fat requires adequate enzyme function, otherwise the process comes to a halt. That's why Calcium depletion may hinder or stop a weight loss program, since the enzymes in the body are less able to break down fat. In this situation, instead of burning off calories to meet our energy needs, the body shuts down and hangs on to its fat reserves (going into starvation mode).

Deficiencies of other vitamins, minerals, and microelements may occasionally result in the same phenomenon.

In conclusion: Daily Calcium supplements (available over the counter) should be part of an effective weight loss program, especially since cutting back on food increases the chances of becoming calcium- or vitamin depleted.

Note: Calcium supplements may be contraindicated in certain medical conditions, therefore it's prudent to clear this with your doctor.

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