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Simple and Effective Cooking Tips

The cooking tips below are simple, straightforward, and can be easily implemented in your kitchen. If applied consistently, these healthy cooking principles can make a great difference in your weight loss plan:

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  1. Simplify your cooking recipes, so you can tell how much you're really eating. The more complex your dishes, the less control you have over them.

  2. Do not fry your food. If you absolutely have to fry, use a zero calorie cooking spray, such as 'Pam'. If that doesn't satisfy you, then use olive oil or canola oil in small amounts.

  3. Reduce the butter, margarine, cream and sour cream in your cooking as much as possible. Choose low-fat butter substitutes and fat-free sour cream. This is most important. Look for recipes that permit you to do this. And don't cheat adding butter or sour cream to your baked potato. A small amount of olive oil or canola oil should do the trick.

  4. If using milk in a recipe, make it fat-free milk (preferable over reduced-fat milk).

  5. Never not use lard (saturated animal fat) in your cooking.

  6. Avoid baking cakes or pies that require a large amount of flour, sugar, or eggs. Instead of sugar, see if you can use a zero-calorie sweetener in your recipes (Splenda, Equal, etc). If not, see if you can use fructose. It is healthier than sugar, has a much more favorable glycemic index, and brings fewer calories for the same sweetening power.

  7. Use egg beaters rather than eggs in your cooking. Egg beaters contain about one third the calories in eggs, and practically zero fat and cholesterol. The calorie benefit is significant especially in recipes requiring multiple eggs.

Follow these healthy cooking tips and you'll be a whole lot closer to successful weight control. And remember, these cooking tips work best when applied consistently day-in day-out.

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