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Does It Work for Weight Loss ?

Lipozene™ has been heavily advertised on TV as the ultimate drug for weight loss. The nightly advertising campaign boasts substantial weight loss benefits, adding that 78% of each pound lost was pure fat. We will take a closer look at the validity of these claims, and at the role of Lipozene in a weight loss program.

Ingredients and Mechanism of Action:

Lets start out with the ingredients: As a matter of fact, this product contains a single ingredient, namely Glucomannan - a soluble fiber obtained from the Konjac root. Taken with an 8 oz glass of water 30 minutes prior to a meal, this fiber expands in your stomach to create a sensation of fullness and curb appetite. Additionally, Glucomannan traps sugars in the bowel, slowing their absorption and thus optimizing blood glucose levels. This prevents the insulin spikes which lead to the formation of fat deposits. In clinical studies, Glucomannan has also been shown to lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol (also known as 'bad' cholesterol), and triglycerides. These are incontestable advantages of Glucomannan (and of soluble fiber in general), proven via scientific research.

Side Effects and Safety Profile

Glucomannan is a healthy product, which can improve one's general health and well-being. Being a natural fiber, it is also a safe product. And, since many persons who are overweight also suffer from high blood sugar and high cholesterol, Glucomannan can play a positive role in a weight control program by addressing those problems.

As far as potential side effects:
  • On the whole, this product should be well-tolerated by the vast majority of people.
  • A possibly bothersome, but benign side effect may be flatulence (excess gas) - due to unabsorbed sugars remaining in the bowel and undergoing a process of fermentation which produces gas.
  • Since Glucomannan may trap other nutrients in the gut and reduce their absorption, there is a possibility of developing certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • As any fiber-containing product, Glucomannan should be taken with a full glass of water, to prevent the risk of choking. (If taken with insufficient water, the pill may get lodged in the throat or esophagus, and then absorb water and expand, obstructing the airway.)

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So Does It Work for Weight Loss?

Lets now evaluate the pure weight loss aspect: In clinical studies, people using 1 gram of Glucomannan with 8 oz of water prior to each meal lost an average of 5.5 lbs over a period of 8 weeks. Furthermore, in clinical studies involving Lipozene, people lost an average of 3.8 lbs over 8 weeks. Unfortunately, this is much less than the Lipozene advertising campaign would have us believe. As such, we must conclude the results are disappointing, especially considering an average individual can loose 2 pounds per week just by dieting and exercising.

In conclusion, one thing is for sure: Lipozene is no miracle drug for weight loss. However, it can be used as a healthy and safe adjunct in a weight loss program, particularly by those who suffer from diabetes type 2 or hypercholesterolemia and are looking for a natural remedy to these problems. Needless to say, a reduced calorie diet and a reasonable exercise routine should be the mainstay of the weight loss program. In the absence of such, little will be accomplished by using this product.


The manufacturer recommends 1-2 pills (dependent on how much weight you want to loose), taken 2-3 times a day with 8 oz of water, about 30 minutes prior to meals - not to exceed a total of 6 pills per day.


  • Since Glucomannan may reduce the absorption of certain nutrients and vitamins, a daily multivitamin supplement is recommended, taken at 2 hours interval from the Lipozene dose.
  • As mentioned above, Lipozene should be taken with sufficient water to prevent the risk of choking.


Lipozene is available from the manufacturer's website, with a 30-day money back guarantee. The cost is about $30 for 60 pills.

Note: You may consider trying the generic product Glucomannan (the active ingredient in Lipozene) instead of the brand-name product. Glucomannan is widely available online at much lower prices. In fact, we have found it advertised as low as $8 for one month's supply (considering you are using 1 gram of Glucomannan 3 times a day).


Please note: This product is for the use of adults only. Pregnant or nursing women should not take this product. Please be aware that any weight loss supplement may be associated with certain side effects and/or health risks. It is prudent to talk to your physician prior to using this or any other weight loss product, especially if you are taking other medication or suffer from a preexisting medical condition.

Disclaimer: Although the information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge, its accuracy and completion are not guaranteed. Prior to using this or any other weight loss supplement, please refer to the instructions included by the manufacturer with the product purchased.

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