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My Medical Stories

This blog contains my own experiences over the years, as a woman and a physician, while dealing with my own weight problems and those of others. The articles below are personal in nature: These medical stories contain my own memories and views on the matters at hand. As you read on, please keep in mind these views may not be universally applicable.

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A very thin girl:
This is the story of an extremely thin girl, very beautiful and intelligent, and on the verge of dying. She did not have other medical problems except being thin, which was a problem of her own making.
Here's the story of Lennie, the thinnest girl I have seen: more

Weight and fertility:
There is a definite association between a woman's weight and her capability of becoming pregnant. Being overweight oftentimes affects the menstrual cycle, causing irregular cycles or straight out amenorrhea (lack of periods). The underlying mechanism responsible for this is lack of normal ovulation. Women who are overweight or obese are significantly more prone more

The heaviest people I've seen:
Have you ever wondered: Just how far can obesity go? The fattest person in the world is said to weigh about 1,200 pounds. In other words, more than half a ton (probably, since there is no scale to weigh him exactly). This, however, is hearsay and I'm not sure it can be taken for granted. But let's take a look at obesity in our own backyard. From my own experience, while practicing in a suburban hospital, what was the heaviest person I've seen? more

The heaviest teenager I've seen:
This 19-year old girl who was massively overweight presented to the hospital for uncontrolled diabetes. When weighed in the hospital, she turned out to be 390 pounds. She looked much older than 19. If not for the age mentioned in the chart, I would have said this was a middle-aged woman. more

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