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How Much Should You Eat ?


Portion Control is one of the trickiest aspects of weight control. It is the stumbling block that ruined many a weight loss program. Master portion control, and you're on your way to ever-lasting fitness!

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And now let's address the real question: How do you do this in real life situations?
How do you identify healthy foods (in the grocery store, restaurants, or your own kitchen), among so many distractions and misrepresentations?
And, once you have identified the proper foods, how do you know what are "adequate portions"? And in particular, what are "adequate portions" for you?
And how do you constantly juggle these adequate portions day-in-day-out?

These are some of the questions we will attempt to answer. They are the same questions which plagued me when I started my weight loss program, and I can attest to how confusing this can be.

In reality, there are 2 ways to go about portion control.
Check it out below:

Portion Control Options:

  1. Educate yourself about food, calories, and calorie requirements. This does take some time but works great in the long run.

  2. Depend on others to do this for you, and and pay them for the service (for example, try a program such as Nutrisystem, which delivers prepackaged food portions at your door

I myself have chosen option 1. If you read through this site, you will find it conveys most of the tools that make this do-it-yourself approach possible. I have done my best to make these as accessible and easy to understand as possible.
As part of this approach, I have included an aisle-by-aisle grocery shopping tour - with guidance on how to navigate the challenges of each aisle.
Before that, however, let's dwell a bit on option 2: Use a food delivery service such as Nutrisystem, which delivers adequate food portions to your door for a fee. They will be only too glad to take your several hundred dollars a month. But, lets be fair: The truth is the Nutrisystem plan works if you stick with their portions. It does make you dependent on their services, but it can achieve the desired results.
Why does the Nutrisystem plan work? Very simple: Adequate portion control and the proper choice of foods. In other words, they take care of both food quantity and quality for you. You pay them a nominal fee in return. Everybody's happy. The only item at risk is your "nutritional' independence". In other words, you risk to always be dependent on these people for your food decisions.

So, you may ask, how about vacations, holiday meals, dinner invitations, etc? Will you always carry your prepackaged meals along? At some point, this is bound to become a burden.

Of course, there is a solution. A 3rd option, in fact. Here it is: Use food delivery services for a limited time, with the declared goal of learning how to eat (literally - what type of foods and how much of them). This knowledge is the single greatest asset to be gained from a food delivery plan. To gain this knowledge, you can either:

  • Subscribe for one month to the food delivery service (which should cost about $325), receive the food, and get an idea what adequate portions are.
  • Or, simply go to the company's website and look around. Click on the food menus: Most of them show pictures of each dish, along with a brief description. Get an idea of the various food types available and especially, the size of the portions. (Yes, you can tell from the picture.) From that, you can infer the total quantity of food recommended for one day. I can tell you it's quite sobering: And yes, the meal portions may look somewhat small.

More Info:

To help you understand and apply portion control in daily life, we have drafted a few easy-to-remember guidelines. Check out the link below:
Useful portion control tips (includes recommended portion sizes for various aliments)

Also, you may want to check out our Scientific Weight Control Facts - to help you establish your individual calorie requirements.


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