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Restaurant Food = Obesity

The Food Conspiracy
Restaurant Food Exposed

It's a mass occurrence: Everywhere you look, people are getting bigger. Not a little bit bigger. Not even a lot bigger. But a whole lot bigger. As though a dimensional shift is taking place, giving birth to a new (and bigger) nation. A nation with lipids pumping in their veins. (As you probably know, lipids is just another polite word for fats...). Anyway, it's high time we started asking: Why? What in the world is going on? What makes all these people overeat to such degree?

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Or perhaps it's not only due to overeating? Perhaps there are other factors involved. Like the kind of foods people are eating, i.e. the kind of foods offered to them by the food industry... Again, this is a mass occurrence, so whatever is causing it has to be fairly commonplace in our daily lives.

I happen to be an avid eater and I love eating out. Which is how I acquired both my knowledge and my troubles. Because the truth is: Restaurant food is a killer. Given the nonchalance displayed by the restaurant industry in the matter, I'm not sure if we're witnessing a total farce, total indifference, or total stupidity. The info is out there, without a doubt. Everyone knows that fatty foods are bad for you. Everyone knows (or should know) that saturated fats plug one's blood vessels. Everyone knows (or should know) that trans fats lead to heart attacks. With all that, what do restaurants do? Pile up the fat! Huge, comforting, super-sized portions. Enough to get people addicted to eating and sure to keep coming back. And what do people do? Gulp it down and come back for more. And so the saga continues. And things keep getting bigger.

Looking at youngsters who can hardly squeeze their midsection into a restaurant booth, I sometimes think to myself: There goes the future!

Unfortunately, people seem oblivious to the dangers of restaurant food. In many states, smoking has been banned in public places, and we all accept this. After all, it's for our health! However, day after day, we keep swallowing the bigger killer - FOOD.

Someone has to come out and say it: The food industry in this country needs a major overhaul. Trans fats (partially hydrogenated vegetable oils widely used by restaurants because of their longer shelf life) should be banned. They are proven to promote accelerated weight gain, heart disease and atherosclerosis. Saturated fats and cholesterol should be limited. Portions should be reduced to one half to one third. And people should be educated on how to avoid these dangers.
And if all else fails, then what the heck, just pass a law!



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