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The Most Unhealthy Foods


The list below exposes some of the most unhealthy foods offered by the food industry today. Check it out, and be advised: These foods can do major damage - not only to your figure, but also to your health.

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  1. Any food item with high content of saturated fat or trans fat.
    Here are some common examples:
    • French fries
    • Fried onion rings
    • Fried foods in general - including fried meat and fish products, fried rice, etc
    • Pizza
    • Any fast food item, except perhaps salads with a low fat dressing.
      Fast foods are notorious for their high content of trans fat, which not only predisposes to weight gain and obesity, but also puts one at risk for cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.
    • Restaurant foods in general, since they usually contain high amounts of saturated fats and often trans fats.
    • Meat products with high fat content (e.g., certain cuts of red meat, certain cuts of pork, bacon, etc)
    • Lard (saturated animal fat)

  2. Any food with high content of sugars, particularly if that food is also rich in saturated fats.
    • Ice cream that is not reduced in fat content (particularly if consumed frequently and in large amounts)
    • Cakes and Pies (especially the ones containing frosting or butter cream)
    • Cookies and Candy (except perhaps dark chocolate in moderate amounts)
    • Blended cream drinks (including many coffee-shop items such as frappucinos, cafe mocha, etc - especially if not made with reduced fat milk products)

  3. Alcoholic beverages are one of the most damaging items on the market, especially if containing added sugar or cream.
    Alcohol is extremely caloric: It brings in 7 kcal per gram (second only to pure fat, which brings in 9.3 kcal per gram). Also, alcohol is being used preferentially by the body over all other nutrients, meaning that any amount of alcohol consumed will be promptly processed by the liver and become available to be stored as fat. The damage goes up exponentially with alcoholic drinks containing added sugar and/or cream: Cocktails such as Margarita, Pina Colada, Mudslide, Mai Tai, etc, bring in a whopping amount of calories - on average 300-800 calories per serving (depending on the size and type of drink). If someone were looking for the best recipe to accelerated weight gain, without a doubt this is it.

    Healthwise, alcohol ranks quite high on the list of unhealthy foods: It may have devastating effects on liver function, and may impair other digestive organs such as the stomach and pancreas. It may also affect myocardial function (leading to heart failure over time), and may impair brain function, resulting in alcoholic dementia and psychosis. Alcohol may also damage the peripheral nerves, leading to painful neuropathy (particularly leg pains).
    It has been claimed that one glass of red wine consumed 2-3 times a week may have some cardiovascular benefits. To my knowledge, this claim has not been either proved or disproved. Even if true, this does not preclude the other negative side effects of alcohol (weight gain, liver disease, etc), particularly if the amount above-mentioned is exceeded.

The items on our list of most unhealthy foods (above) have major negative effects on both health and weight.


Let's now take a look at other common food offenders, which won't necessarily harm your health, but are quite likely to kill your weight loss plan. Here they are:

Common Food Offenders:

  • Potatoes, especially with added butter, sour cream, or gravy
  • Chips and flakes of any kind (potato chips, corn chips, etc). Besides containing refined carbs with high glycemic index, these snacks also have a marked addictive effect.
  • Dairy items that are not reduced in fat content (including milk, cheese, butter, cream, sour cream, whipped cream, chocolate milk, etc)
  • Soft drinks containing added sugar
  • Fruit juices containing added sugar
  • Mayonnaise, salad dressing, ketchup, sauces or marinades that are not reduced in fat content
  • White bread, white rice or pasta in large amounts(e.g., if you eat more than 2 slices of bread with a meal, it's probably too much).
    : Whole-grain bread, rice, or pasta are always preferable - both from the standpoint of weight management and from that of healthy eating.
  • Milk chocolate, or chocolate/candy with creamy content

Keep in mind this interesting (and universal) truth about unhealthy foods: Foods that are bad for your health are almost always sure to predispose you to weight gain. In other words, they are guaranteed to thoroughly derail your weight loss plan.




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