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How To Define Your Weight Loss Plan

Please note:
These weight loss steps are derived based on the facts established during the self evaluation process. For a full understanding of the process, see the section "Self Evaluation".

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Example of Action Plan:

  • Need to loose 30 pounds.

  • Time to target weight: 15 weeks (loosing 2 pounds per week on average)

  • Preferred weight loss method: Aerobic workout (brisk walking, jogging, video tapes)

  • Secondary weight loss methods:
    (a) Moderate reduction of food intake
    (b) Increase amount of sleep to 8 hours a night
    (c) Include yoga workouts for relaxation

  • Rewards at the end of program: Get back in my 'thin' clothes, have people say to me: 'Wow… you look great! How did you do it?'; Buy new 'little black dress' and get together with old high school friends.

  • In order to reach my goal, need more information on:
    (a) Aerobic exercise: How many calories does it burn?
    (b) What intensity and frequency of workouts do I need?)
    (c) How to go about the reduction in food intake: How much do I need to cut back on the amount of food I eat? What kind of foods should I eliminate from my diet? What kind of foods should I add to my diet?
    (d) What weight loss supplements or vitamins should I take, if any?

    Note: A large part of this information is available on this site, under the corresponding headings.

And here's another example:

  • Need to loose 120 pounds

  • Estimated time to target weight: Approximately 68 weeks (16 months) - loosing 2 pounds per week and allowing 2 weeks for stabilization after each 25 pounds lost. (By the way, the total time to normal weight is only 1 year 4 months!)

  • Preferred method of weight loss: Unsure. I never seem to be able to shake off the weight. I can't exercise because of knee problems, and I'm not exactly sure how to cut back on my food (since I believe I'm eating a normal amount of food as it is)

  • Possible avenues to explore:
    (a) Will consider a group support (weight watchers, etc) – to see how those people manage to loose weight.
    (b) Will consider a medical workup, to check my general health status and ask the doctor about other weight loss modalities - weight loss medication, etc.
    (c) Will educate myself about the caloric value of food. It's highly likely some foods I'm eating contain more calories than I'm aware of. Should I find I'm eating such high calorie foods, I will attempt to substitute them with lower calorie foods.
    d) I will consider strength training, especially routines that can be done while sitting and don't put strain on my knees. Building muscle is a good way to slim down, since muscle has a high metabolism and by its very existence burns fat (even at rest).
    (e) Will increase the amount of sleep I'm getting to 8 hours a night.
    (d) Will try to reduce the stress in my daily life, since stress is known to contribute to weight gain. Will consider a yoga workout or a stretch routine for relaxation.
    (e) Will keep thinking what other weight loss steps might work in my case.

  • Rewards at the end of program: Will hopefully get rid of knee pains and back pains, will be able to walk without getting short of breath, will be able to easily climb 2 flights of stairs, will say goodbye to ugly fat rolls around my midsection, will wear clothes sizes in the single digits or low double digits.

Writing down the weight loss steps you consider implementing (even if not yet sure how you're going to do it) helps focus your mind on the project at hand. It's always good to put your plan in writing, especially your questions and uncertainties. Then, with this list in hand, you're ready to start solving your problems.


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